Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Weekend Away (Part 2)

It seems a long while ago now that we were down in Watchet, visiting our boat, Pershilla, but actually it was only 10 days ago. However, what still seems very fresh in my memory was the wonderful meal we had at The Star Inn.

The Marina office staff gave us three recommendations, but said they thought The Star was the best.

So, after a short walk through the town we located The Star, right beside the old mill basin, where the river runs down to the sea.

The Star was a perfect pub, lovely atmosphere, good beer (CAMRA award winning), live music (but not too loud!) and fabulous food. Stephen had the honey roast duck and I had the game casserole, which was soon re-named "Roadkill Stew" in recognition of its ingredients - venison, pheasant and partridge. It was so delicious we had to ask for bread as we couldn't bear to let the gravy go to waste.

Once full of good food and good beer it was back to the boat. By now it was about -4c, but the central heating had kept the boat warm and the stew and beer was keeping me warm!

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