Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Pershilla Cookbook - Sausage & Onion Casserole

We have a fairly small, although very well equipped, galley on Pershilla. It's diesel powered and consists of two hot-plates and an oven. There isn't that much space on board, so although I will be taking my favourite cooking bits and pieces, there isn't much room, so I have to try and manage on less than I usually do.

One thing I cannot live without is my slowcooker. We love casseroles and soups. It's a small slowcooker, so won't take up much room and uses a tiny amount of power.

This recipe can be cooked in the oven too, I think that between and 1 - 1½ hours would do the trick at about 150c

  • 8 sausages
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 2tbsp plain flour or cornflour
  • 300ml stock (I used beef stock, but use what you have to hand - cubes are fine!)
  • 2tbsp chutney or HP sauce
  • 1tbsp Worcester sauce
  • Handful of red lentils
  • Black pepper
And this is what to do:
  • Put sausages in the slowcooker (I don't bother to fry first, but you can if you like)
  • Put onions in
  • Sprinkle flour on
  • Add stock, chutney/sauce, Worcester sauce & black pepper
  • Add lentils
  • Stir
  • Leave for 6-9 hours on low (or cook in oven for 1-1½hours)
  • Serve with mash

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