Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Weekend Away (Part 1)

Last weekend was our much awaited trip down to Watchet to see Pershilla - our first visit as owners!

Given that we has quite a lot of snow in Surrey and the weather wasn't much better in Somerset, I did wonder what we were letting ourselves in for. We'd arranged to go down Saturday afternoon and spend the night on the boat, meeting Peter, the previous owner, on Sunday so he could give us a run through of how everything worked.

When we left Godalming  the temperature was -3. We arrived in Watchet three hours later and the temperature there was much the same. The boat has a central heating system, plus we'd taken our thickest duvet and two fan heaters, but I wasn't convinced we wouldn't end up making a dash for the nearest B&B late at night!

But, thankfully the central heating worked well and topped up with the fan heaters we were soon pretty cosy (well, we were after we worked out how to stop tripping the power supply!). So then it was straight down to reading all the instruction books. You can see from the picture below, there are a lot of instruments to learn.

Since my parents were looking after Emma for the weekend, we also had the chance for a "grown-ups-night-out". We took the recommendation of the Marina Office staff and decided on the fabulous Star Inn - review in the next post.

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