Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gent in the Sunshine

We had been recommended to go to Gent via the Old Leis, rather than the new cut, which is heavily used by commercial traffic. It probably takes a bit longer, but we aren't in a hurry and would much rather pass through nice scenery.

As promised, the scenery was fabulous, as were the houses - there is some serious money along this stretch of the river! We are now adding several of them to our "What We Will Spend Our Money On When We Win the Euromillions Lottery Rollover" list.

I would say they are better than the houses along the Thames. And all conveniently close to the water, so you can be really nosey as you go past!

 I rather like this one

I could live with this one too

We were able to moor right in  the centre of Gent, outside the City Brewery. First job - try their beer! I had the white beer and Stephen had the amber beer and both were great, if stronger than beer at home. They also do a "Inferno" beer, at 9.9%, which we decided against, as we didn't want to end up in the water.

Mooring fees paid and beer drunk, it was time to explore. We headed into the Historic Quarter (for some reason Gent has two quarters, Historic and Art, rather than four) and took ourselves round St Bavo's Cathedral, through the beautiful squares and along the canal.

Gent Opera House 

Emma spotted Father Christmas on his balcony (on his holidays?)

Next day we headed off in search of some playgrounds for Emma and a exploration of the Arts Quarter. We took a picnic lunch and Emma was able to make friends with a lovely little girl called Yulia and played happily with her for ages.

Next stop, the Gent Museum of Fine Arts, for a bit of culture. Amongst the very highbrow and worthy paintings, we found one with this guy in:

Emma pulls this face a lot, whilst telling us "Max (her best friend) taught me this!"

If you have never bee, I really recommend a trip to Gent. There is lots to do and see, great cafes and squares for people-watching. And great beer.

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