Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Finally! Some Wi-Fi!

Free wi-fi has been very lacking since we crossed in the Netherlands (very few McDonalds!) and when I tried to buy a Dutch SIM card for my wi-fi dongle I got told a load of old rubbish by the salesman, so declined to purchase!

So, a bit of an update on where we've been and what we've been doing. It feels like we've mostly been getting rained on!

I'd do a couple of postings with the most interesting bits and hopefully get the blog up to date!

We crossed the Schelde from Termeuzen to Vlissingen back on 5 July. Stephen did a really great job of plotting the route and getting us across without incident or seasickness! The Schelde is a really major shipping route and there are some massive ships on it, like the Maerske Singapore, below.

Picture courtesey of shipspotting.com
Copyright:Manuel Henandez Lafuente

Stephen, crossing the Schelde with a big ship behind him

Oh yeah, dealing with ships like those were a bit hairy! Anyway; we made is safely into Vlissingen and from there sailed on to Middleburg.

Middleburg is a really beautiful town, when it's not raining. I had been there before, many, many years ago as a member of the Ocean Youth Club. I think I was about 17 and we sailed a yacht from Ipswich to Middleburg and back. That was when I discovered just who seasick it is possible to be!

 Lovely Middleburg - not raining

Not-so-lovely Middleburg, in the rain

The rain wasn't letting up and the mooring was pretty expensive, so we moved onto the Veersemere and had a lovely (and free!) night moored up on an island in the Veersemere. Just  us, two other boats and an awful lot of geese.

The rain stopped for a while and Emma finally got to fly the kite.

Emma and Stephen flying the kite 

Pershilla, moored on the Veersemere

After the busy harbours at Middleburg and Vlissingen and crossing the Schelde, it was really rather wonderful to have a night in such a remote spot.

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