Monday, 30 January 2012

Wow! We've Bought A Boat!

After several months of planning, researching and looking at boats, today we have finally completed the purchase of our boat - Pershilla. She is a 12m (39 feet) Dutch steel cruiser, sleeps six and is capable of cruising coastal waters and inland waterways.

And best of all, she's our ticket to an adventure - we (Alison & Stephen) and our daughter (Emma) are taking a year out to cruise the inland waterways of Europe, starting in The Netherlands and moving down through France to the Med.

We will be using this blog to talk about why we are taking this trip, our preparations and then the trip itself - where we are going, what we are seeing, who we are meeting and what we're eating and drinking along the way.

And this is Pershilla:

Lovely, isn't she!

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  1. What a fantastic adventure! Can't wait to read all about it xx